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Are you considering buying or selling a property or properties in the North East area? If so then think about using our property estates services …

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Are you considering letting a property or properties in the North East area? If so then think about using our letting and property management services …

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We can help you discover how much you may be able to borrow, or work out your monthly mortgage repayments …

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Here’s a handy flowchart that’ll tell you if it’s better to rent or buy a home

Rent or Buy? Choosing whether to buy or Rent a home could be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Are you ready to settle down? Will one price work out better than the other? Buying your own home can be expensive but could save you money over the years. Renting […]

Here’s what a British Monopoly board would look like with today’s house prices

It’s over 80 years since Victor Watson acquired the rights to the UK version of Monopoly, and while many of the place names on the board remain familiar to Londoners, property prices bear increasingly little resemblance to those in the real world. A new infographic from loan provider West One has given the original Monopoly […]

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